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Crest of Hope: Patamon's World - Tagboard Personalities
Patamon's World > Tagboard Personalities

Tagboard Personalities

Visiting the tagboard might be daunting for some newcomers, as everyone knows everyone else and you're not quite sure what everyone's like. Here's a quick and easy guide. Tagboard regulars, sorry if I missed you out, just tell me and I'll put you in. But you have to email me. That's email email email!!!! People with * next to their name are tagboard mods. (I think I got them all right, but I can't remember who I gave the password to anymore :P) In general, if someone's name appears in their own colour instead of the default colour, they're probably a mod, and you can trust them.

*Jedi_Amara, aka JA, is the webmaster of PW. She's always happy to answer questions about Digimon and the site, as well as tease Darky and Tumble. Favourite word: "w00t" (it's a good word!)

*Darkangemon, aka Darky, is PW's writer in residence. He knows WK from his school in South Africa, and loves to talk Digimon.

Tumble_weed, aka TW or tumble, is the evil one on PW. Tumble hates Digimon but hangs around the tagboard anyway, because he's JA's friend from school. TW loves spamming the tagboard with useless random comments. He's now disappeared from the board, however... I've been trying to tell him to tag. But he refuses to unless I join his favourite forum, which I won't because some of the people on it dissed one of my favourite forums (which also happens to be one of TW's favourite forums).

*Arbromon, or Arbro, is one of PW's main fanart submitters. He likes making up his own Digimon, and his no-longer-new site is Dan's Digi Database.

*Digigirl hangs around all the time. She's a writer too XD. She asked me to add her to the page not realising she was already here, so I'm adding this sentence to plump out her bio so she can see it :P

*JK or JKaizer is also known as Greggyboo, Esmerelda-Greggyina, Greggy, GERG or just plain Greg. He happens to be one of the people that JA used to stalk; JA sits on his Elixant account and shares the hosting :P. He provided all the RXN domain names. His homepage is JKN.

gogglegirl181306, or GG, has returned! She's an old-time member who used to transcribe episodes for PW.

CyberAngemon is a figment of the imagination...

*Kari (formerly Me) is a Digimon theorist. She provides theories for the Digital Theories page, as well as collecting pics for the Digidex.

*Vampirelucemon, now *vande, is the self-proclaimed "Queen of Darkness", but just call her Vande (she likes to keep her real name secret ^^). She's obsessed with Lucemon and Myotismon and runs Digital Starlight, a sometime-blue girly site XD. Favourite pastime: tormenting Tumble, when he's around. And beating the hell out of spammers.

Eliana likes to paint and talk Digimon. You can just call her the Queen of Spam. Or make that the princess, since she's so young? XD She asked me to take out everything about her spamming, since apparently she's "reformed" now. Of course, that means I just put in more about it. XD

As well as being a PW news updater, FlameAngewomon (call her Anna, without a banana) loves both Pokémon and Digimon, like Darky and JA. She's an intermittent poster.

Digimastertwo: "old spammer, migratory patteren taking be to and away from the site, 16 years old, digimon fan, and anything i couldn't think of that you want to add."

Ryo is a young Digi-fan with his own website, also named Ryo, and he's also being trained out of his spamming habit. He's gone.

Ryuko_Hikaru was a relatively new addition to the PW tag team. Now he's a well-established addition... He's just a general Digimon lover, but due to a lot of work he doesn't have a website. And he's gone too.

*Optic is another Aussie. His website is the Digimon Frontier Network, and the effort he puts into it and his forums means that he doesn't really hang out at PW much anymore.

Trix is a Digimon fan with his own website, Digimon Legendz. (Trix reckons that when girls make sites, they're usually all pink and sweet and girly. But I reckon PW and Vande's site prove him wrong. Although Vande's just went all blue and sweet and girly =P. It's back in black now though.) He's gone too.

Helmsmon, or Helmsy, is a fan who does various Digimon-related things. He's also one of PW's news updaters. Helmsy's site is Calumon's Digiworld.

rallen, pronounced "R Allen", is a boy (probably XD), loves Anime and is currently working on getting a website. He found PW by searching for "digimon season 5" and loves Tamers and Terriermon. He also, disturbingly, loves DragonBall/Z/GT - he actually tapes them. *JA faints*

Alban is a fanfic writer and he likes the PW tag since there's not much spam *Vande power XD*

Nothing much as far as I know. D:
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