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News and Updates

Digimon Returns to Toy Aisle?

Verathalyn*additional note: they are already out in the USA ~ Vande*

According to the news at AWN a new line of Digimon toys will be put on the market this coming fall, inspired by the fifth season of Digimon Data Squad, brought to us by people of Toei Animation. The toys will be for young boys ranging from four years old, to eight.

Newly redesigned, the Digivice Data Link, will take after Marcus's in the series. You will have the ability to both train and feed your digimon with it.

New features have been implemented, such as infrared technogoloy allowing a pair of Digimon owners to battle against each other and a new scan function that collects DNA skills from any included DNA metal chip connected to the Digivice Data Link, strengthening characters and unlocking secret items as well as DNA powers for their digimon.

Mini-games are included with the toy, seven short varitation for boosting your Digimon's select stats.

Owners can also collect 1.5-inch collectible Digimon figures, 3.5 inch lightning Digivolving figurines and 5-inch ultra-Digivolving Digimon.

Every character is strapped with a DNA data chip, which can be scanned with the Digivice Data Link.

posted by Verathalyn on 20-02-08, 8:20 AM AEST

Forum URL Change

Jedi_AmaraThe domain for the forums expires tomorrow, and I don't have enough money right now to renew it, so we're reverting to at least for the moment. We may go back to the domain, I need to consider whether it's worth having it with the level of activity we get these days.

posted by Jedi_Amara on 19-02-08, 11:35 AM AEST

Hosting bill's up: Open for donations

Jedi_AmaraOur hosting bill is up again in a couple of weeks, so I'm opening donations; I'm not expecting anyone to give anything - I know, I'm a terrible webmaster, and really need to update the sites more - but if you'd like to, the Paypal address is (just put something in the subject or note about it being for RXN hosting).


posted by Jedi_Amara on 16-02-08, 12:56 AM AEST

Digimon Nursery

VandeAs this comes up on the saybox on the odd occasion and since JA isn't currently around to answer i'll partially answer it now:

Q) "When will the Digimon Nursery be open?"

A) When JA gets the time when she's back, when that will be i dunno :p (the time i mean)

posted by Vande on 18-01-08, 3:16 AM AEST

Epi 4+ New Titles

Vande*pokes the title*
Pulled some new epi titles from the WtW News

Airing on November 5th is episode 7 A Birthday Kristy Will Never Forget!
Airing on November 12th is episode 8 "The Singer's Secret"
Airing on November 19th is episode 9 "Never Meet Your Heroes"

I actually miss the witty dub titles ;_;

From Episode 4 onwards will all air on Monday's until we are told different

posted by Vande on 11-10-07, 3:49 AM AEST

Teleconference report is up!

Jedi_AmaraYo all \o/

Took some time off my stupid Computer Design project to write up a report of that teleconference that went down yesterday. You know you want to read it, so click here to check it out!

... back to work now. JA out.

posted by Jedi_Amara on 06-09-07, 9:27 PM AEST

Just a heads-up~

Jedi_AmaraThe Digimon World Q&A session went through this morning my time (I think I was the only non-North American there, which was pretty freaky!) so I'll write up a full report on it later (once I've tackled this computer design project...). However, what people may be interested in knowing is that they couldn't give me anything on an Australian release, though they said they'd try to find out and get back to me. Fingers crossed!

JA out~

posted by Jedi_Amara on 05-09-07, 11:50 PM AEST

Digimon Data Squad Dub Air Date

VandeData Squad has now been confirmed to air Monday and Fridays on Toon Disney:

Data Squad Episode 1: 01 October 2007
Data Squad Episode 2: 05 October 2007
Data Squad Episode 3: 08 October 2007
Data Squad Episode 4: 12 October 2007

8:30 pm (to reiterate) *check your timings in American* repeats at 1am

Source: WtW News

No news about anywhere else in the world though

posted by Vande on 01-09-07, 11:34 PM AEST

Got questions about the new Digimon World games?

Jedi_AmaraHi everyone! Long time no update, I know, but I've been horribly busy. ;_;

As a representative of PW, I've been invited to participate in a conference call this week about the new Digimon World games that are coming out in English soon: Digimon World Data Squad on PS2 and Digimon World Dusk & Dawn on Nintendo DS. Part of this involves questions from the floor, so I'm throwing it open to you: what would you like to know about the games? We'll be talking to representatives of Namco Bandai, so if there's something you'd like to ask head over to the forums and comment in the thread by Sunday and I'll submit your questions to the conference.

I'll be reporting back on the call later next week, so keep an eye out!

JA out~

posted by Jedi_Amara on 31-08-07, 5:30 PM AEST

Up to date info on Data Squad

VandeOk pulling everything together from the news bits we've had over the last few weeks from WtW:

Digimon Data Squad - The Anime (Digimon Savers)
Due to air in Autumn (Fall) date not yet confirmed.

Director- Jeff Nimoy

Cast - Original Names in ( )
Marcus Damon (Masaru Daimon) - Quinton Flynn
Agumon- Brian Beacock
Yoshi(no) - Colleen O'Shaughnessy
Lalamon (Raramon) - Dorothy Fahn
Thomas (Touma) - Crispin Freeman
Gaomon- Skip Stellrecht
Commander Sampson (Commander Satsuma)- Jamieson Price
Kudamon- Sam Riegel
Megumi- Stephanie Sheh
Miki- Kate Higgins
Yushima - Kirk Thornton
Keenan Crier (Ikuto Noguchi) - Brianne Sidall
Falcomon - Steve Blum
Sayuri- Mary Elizabeth Mcglynn
Kristy Damon (Chika Daimon) - Melissa Fahn
Dr. Spencer Damon (Dr Suguru Daimon) - Jeff Nimoy
Frigimon (Yukidarumon) - Mona Marshall
Kevin Crier (Kenji Noguchi) - n/a
Michelle Crier (Misuzu Noguchi) - n/a

Seven Demon Lords - Seven Demon Kings

Data Squad PS2 Game:
Gaomon will be played by Dan Lorge
Keenan Crier - Brianne Sidall
Belphemon - Kyle Hebert
Beelzemon - Kyle Hebert
Masaki Nitta - Kyle Herbert (the guy who's daughter is missing)

posted by Vande on 26-08-07, 2:48 AM AEST

Gaomon's voice actor revealed?

RocketboyAccording to Anime News Network, Skip Stellrict [Guy: Naruto, Vicious: cowboy Bebop.] will be providing Gaomon's voice. Take this with a grain of salt though, since ANN is user-submitted.

The news was confirmed at WtW a few weeks ago with Jeff Nimoy informing GoC ~ Vande

posted by Rocketboy on 21-07-07, 4:25 PM AEST

WTF, JA lives?!

Jedi_Amara... I need to change the time offset, I haven't done that since the server move. >_> *goes to do so* Note to self: update Coranto.

Anyway, I've been promising updates after my exams - well, they're done next week, and just to prove my words aren't empty I've added a page on the upcoming Digimon World Data Squad RPG for PS2. Check it out. That's it for now though, I have exams to study for - wish me luck, and see you next week! JA out.

posted by Jedi_Amara on 13-06-07, 1:29 AM AEST

Cast List for Digimon: Data Squad

RocketboyThe source of the following is from With The Will Forums and was exclusive to them. ~ Vande

Recently, the cast list for Digimon: Data Squad, the most recent digimon dub, has been revealed (Except for Gaomon's.)

So, here they are!

Marcus (Masaru) - Quinton Flynn [Kon/Bleach, Iruka Umino/Naruto]
Yoshi (Yoshino) - Colleen O'Shaughnessy [Sora/Digimon, Ino/Naruto]
Thomas (Tohma) - Crispin Freeman [Kouichi/Digimon, Holland/Eureka 7, Itachi Uchiha/Naruto]
Commander Sampson (Satsuma) - Jamieson Price [Mr. Wong/Digimon, Norb/Eurkea 7]
Kudamon - Sam Riegel [Zaku Abumi/Naruto, Shuichiro Oishi/Prince of Tennis]
Agumon - Brian Beacock [Takato, Bokomon/Digimon, Yumichika Ayasegawa/Bleach]
Miki - Stephanie Sheh [Orihime/Bleach, Eureka/Eureka 7]
Megumi - Kate Higgins [Talho/Eureka 7]
Lalamon - Dorothy Fahn [Lillymon/Digimon]
[dub name undecided] (Ikuto) - Brianne Sidall [Calumon, Tommy/Digimon]
Falcomon - Steve Blum [Guilmon, Yamaki/Digimon, S-CRY-ed/Kazuma]
Kristy (Chika) - Melissa Fahn [Rika/Digimon, Ed/Cowboy Bebop]
Sayuri-Mary Elizabeth Mcglynn [Ophanimon/Digimon, Major Motoko Kusanagi/Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex]
Yushima - Kirk Thornton [Gabumon, Mummymon/Digimon, Kisame Hoshigaki/Naruto]

posted by Rocketboy on 10-06-07, 8:06 PM AEST

Tooo much stuff - including a dub!

VandeOk the news is out at WtW of the Savers Dub (not an official annoucement but the source is good)

Steve Blum looks to be Falcomon in Savers (nothing else has been confirmed yet)
Yes Jeff Nimoy is the director
Apparently dubbing hasn't started yet

The original topic is here

Also DATS have subbed the rest of Savers.
V-Tamer 52 is out scanlated
Digimon Next up to Battle 12 scanlations are out

posted by Vande on 13-04-07, 3:32 AM AEST

Digimon Data Squad

VandeW00T i score first news rights since JA moved to her new host ^_^

Digimon Data Squad....the Digimon Savers Dub! The WTW Topic
Raramon > Lalamon
Sunflowmon > Sunflowermon
Touma > Thomas

I aint seen a release date yet though.

posted by Vande on 14-03-07, 6:49 PM AEST

Nothing much as far as I know. D:
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