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Crest of Hope: Patamon's World - Tai's Digi-pinions - The Real-Life Digi-Future

Patamon's World > Tai's Digi-pinions > The Real-Life Digi-Future

The Real-Life Digi-Future

by Mac McFearson

"That’s home. Planet earth. But I’m not sure that’s where I am right now.” 

Those words started it all. Those words started the phenomenon known as Digimon: Digital Monsters.

Was it really all that long ago? August of 1999 (was the date Digimon debuted in America) seems like an eternity ago for me. I was just a kid then, most of us probably were.

Back then things were so different, I was so young, the U.S was at peace, Pokémon was king of the American air-waves. If back in 99’ someone would have walked up to me and told me that in four years I would be writing opinion articles for one of many Digimon websites I would have told them to stop sniffing the glue.

But that’s because I didn’t know what the future held. And in reality, no one really knows beyond a shadow of a doubt what the future holds.

Back on that hot humid day (that’s how it was where I lived) in August of '99 I never could have imagined that Digimon would become what it has. I, along with just about everyone else, was just wondering if Digimon would even make it. Sure it was a hit in Japan, but could it really compete with the giant Pokémon had become. Especially with everyone thinking that Digimon was just a cheat copy of Pokémon (even though it really wasn’t).

By the beginning of the whole Myotismon phase in season one the question of whether or not Digimon could compete with Pokémon had been answered. Digimon was obviously a force to be reckoned with.

By the near end of season one the question was being asked, “is Digimon better than Pokémon?” And that question was the centre of many heated debates between the fans of the respective shows.

But during 02 Digimon began to really take off. People loved seeing their favourite 01 characters four years later, it was like the excitement of seeing an old friend that you hadn’t seen in quite awhile. That in addition of new Digimon, new evolutions, and of course a whole new set of characters the fans to enjoy was enough to make Digimon a huge threat to Pokémon’s reign.

But by the end of 02 Digimon was looking like it was ready to overtake Pokémon. While Pokémon wasn’t what it used to be, Digimon was in it’s prime. You could choose Digimon: A show that offered more action, more drama, better comedy, and a plot that offered unexpected twists and turn in every episode. Or you could choose Pokémon: A show with, at best, playful action, comedy that was good but at times became irritating, and episodes that over time became plain and repetitive. The choice was simple. All Digimon needed was one more season. One more season and it would be the best.

Then came season three. The Tamers. It was different, but it was still suppose to be the season where everything came together. Instead it was the season where everything fell apart. Ratings went down, my friends stopped watching and I was made fun of because I still did, Digimon just wasn’t “cool” anymore.

Things are different now.

No more Fox Kids. No more Saturday mornings. Instead it was UPN and (at least where I live) early Monday mornings. Frontier is good, it’s real good. It’s not as good as the first two seasons but it’s much better than Tamers. It’s a good mixture of all three seasons. I think the writers did a great job of trying to bring Digimon back to the status it was once at. And I do believe they’ll have at least one more season to do that.

What was the purpose of all that?

It’s a fair enough question. Why did I just recap the highs and lows of Digimon’s very interesting history. To make a point. To make the point that in August of 1999 we had now idea that any of this would happen. We couldn’t predict it, we didn’t want to. We just wanted to enjoy what we knew then, and what we still know now, is the best anime out there.

Will there be a season five? I think so. I can gather the facts and make an educated guess, but I, nor anyone else, really knows the future. People will make many predictions just like when this whole thing started, and just like when this whole phenomenon started, almost all of them will be wrong.

So as Digimon and its fans once again stare down the long, dark, dreary road of uncertainty, let’s do what we did the first time. Let’s not try and make predictions and worry about the Digi-future, let’s just enjoy Digimon while we still can and enjoy the real life Digi-present.


I get the feeling you thought Tamers was bad. What was wrong with it? 
from darkangemon
[shouting] What?!? Whaddaya mean season three was where everything fell apart?!? Season 3 was the deepest, most thought-provoking season ever!! And season 2, the best season?!?!? No!! Season two was good, yes, but it could never compete with the tamers!!! Season three, my friend, attracted more people, in my opinion, because of how sophisticated and emotional it was!! And season 2 was the one with the teapot Digimon, too! Aaarrggghhh!!!!!!!!!!
from AnimeTrekkie
Way to stick it, AnimeTrekkie.
from darkangemon
Well, I didn't think Tamers was all that good, either. Season 2 is so the best! And the teapot Digimon is cool! Also, what's so bad about Pokémon? It's the world's BEST!
from Jedi_Amara
I agree S3 was the worst ever it began good but yet bad they should have kept it being with Tai and Davis, they should have went 4 years again. Keep the characters and Digimon. I still can't believe about Leomon and Jeri, they shouldn't have killed Leomon. AGAIN IT WAS THE WORST WORST SEASON EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just my opinion, but I didn't really like season 2 that much. I think it was too much of the champions (3 champion stages! who needs all that?!) *Ken was probably the one good thing that actually happened in season 2* KAWAII!! ^.~ cough sorry about that, anyway... Jordan is right though, everything did fall apart when season three came along. (Though I really did enjoy it.) My friends stopped being in interest when it came as well. I think it was the whole change in plot, story, characters...and basically everything else that we thought we knew in Digimon.
from TermanianStar
Season 2 showed that Digimon was not going to stop at season 1. Season 3 showed why they were not going to stop at season 1. Season 3 showed that it wasn't a repeat of Pokémon + they got better graphics in season 3. And on 1 site they said season 3 might be the cause to make a season 5,6,7.
from Beowolfmon
I agree, Season 3 was could have been better. From what I saw of Season 4 (the early thing was a problem) it was picking up. They need a new season. I thought Seasons 1,2,and 4 had the best plots ^^.
from FlameAngewomon
I agree, season three was the worst season of Digimon but season two was allllll that. I mean it had a movie to it and everything. I AGREE THAT THEY SHOULD HAVE GONE 4 OR 5 MORE YEARS LATER AND IF THEY DID I WOULD HAVE BEEN T.K.'s son. T.K. was always my favourite character. When season three came out I looked for everyone's sons/daughters but they had some crappy new characters and that darn Renamon. She broke my bond with Patamon, it used to just be Patamon and me but now I have two Digimon.
from T.K.'s best friend
Um, T.K. was 11 years old. You reckon he had a kid at 15 or 16? In your dreams...anyway, I agree that S2 was the best. But I don't think I would have liked to see the kids growing up, I like to remember Ken and T.K. just as they were in 02.
from Jedi_Amara
I don't know, Season 3 began to fall apart for me at the end but I think what really killed Digimon's reign is the FoxBox and Digimon's move to UPN. But my favourite was the one that started it all, Season 1 then Season 2, and the Tea Pot Digimon wasn't my cup of tea either.
from Elektro
Digimon is much better than Pokémon. It has plot. It has no rip-off of characters from other things such as DBZ, Pokémon, Animorphs, Power Rangers. 04 did a little but that was only because of the Spirit Evolutions. MIGHTY MORPHIN CHOSEN CHILDREN! [JA's response: And that has what to do with the Digi-Future?]
from Digital Jedi Knight
It fell apart at Tamers? Your friends started making fun of you for it and stopped watching it? This seems more like your friends growing out of it than the season being bad itself. Then again, anyone who believes that Zero-Two is the best, Tamers is crap and Frontier is good doesn't really matter much to me anyway.
from TamerBrad
I think seasons 1 and 3 had the best plots. Season 2 had the worst plots, but season 2 had the best characters. Season 4 sucked really, too kiddy. Season 1 was the funniest too while season 3 was cheesy comedy. I agree too, Takeru (TK) was my favorite character too. I hope season 5 is somewhat of sequel to season 2 (whether it be the digidestined as teenagers in hs and college or them as adults and married). Hopefully, there would be more action/darkness, no cheesy evil Digimon who want to "destroy" both worlds. The rumour on season 5 though, I heard, is going to be new Digidestined, probably only 1 or something. I heard it's called Digimon Chronicle. Try Yahoo and type "Digimon chronicle". Anyways, it's a rumour.
from mynameisbob
Editor's Response: Digimon Chronicle is the new manga. As far as we know, there will not be a Season 5. See the Season 5/6 page for more info, and to sign the petition.
I think season 1 was the best!!! They were the most mature Digidestined and had way more fights and evil Digimon (Devimon, Etemon, Myotismon, MetalSeadramon, Puppetmon, Machinedramon, Piedmon, & Apocalymon). It was also cool to see how they didn't always get along, like when Matt and Tai fought.
from IceMyotismon
Editor's Comment: Somewhere along the line, this ceased to be a discussion about Digimon's future and began to be an argument about which is the best season...
I liked season 2 and Tamers. The end of 02 was cool seeing them all grown up (though their jobs were a bit dodgy!). Tamers was different to the others but had a good story apart from the bit where Leomon died. Season 5 should definitely be a continuation of 02. It should be about the Digidestined's kids.
from Unown Digidestined
Editor's Comment: I agree that if there is a season 5, it should continue 02. The only problem with that is that, with the ending they gave, everyone in the world got a Digimon. You can't do much with that *stupid Toei*
Season 5 must have Milleniumon!
from Matt
Editor's Comment: If there is one.
ARE YOU KIDDIN'??!!! Digimon Tamers was far by the BEST season!!! Digimon 02 was definitely the worst season! They should have just gone on to Digimon Tamers! DIGIMON TAMERS RULEZ! (note to <T.K.'s best friend>:I like Patamon too but Renamon is way cooler! I prefer Renamon cos' Patamon is kinda' naive.)
from Ai Haibara
I loved season 1 and when season 2 came along I loved that as well, not as much as season 1 but it was still very good and had its special moments and then I remember seeing the teasers trailers of season 3 and then the commercials and I thought wow season 3 is going to be excellent and then when it came on I loved it but at stages I got disappointed because I missed the old Digimon characters, I think they should have followed on from season 2 when they were still kids, I liked it when we saw the characters when the were older to see what happened to them after that but I still think they should have carried it on. so I'm hoping that if there is a season 5, I hope that it carries on from season 2 or even carrying on alternately from season 1.

Response submission should re-open soon.

Nothing much as far as I know. D:
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