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Crest of Hope: Patamon's World - Imp It Up
Patamon's World > Impmon Awards

The Impmon Awards

Imp It Up!

After his tangles with pre exam tests are done, Darkangemon, the elusive and mysterious Internet angel, realises that he has an article to write...

I've been avoiding writing this column by doing less important stuff (formerly known as studying English, Maths and Science), but now since I'm feeling a little evil again (I managed to punctuate my creative writing assignment correctly), I thought it was time to bring out a new idea for PW.

I have frequently stated my own opinion on animes and have read very interesting critique of my work. (Usually after the spelling has been corrected.) So I thought it was time to see whether the Internet could deal with the worst anime could offer. 

Enter the first annual Impmon awards, which are here to amplify those stomach-churning animes you love to hate to a state of antifame (usually this is only attributed to movies such as Dude Where's My Car and Battlefield Earth). These are the anti-Oscars of anime (in other words, tumble_weed will be in heaven with all the dissing going on). 

"Why Impmon?" you may ask. Well, to be honest, it's because he always seems to be in exactly the wrong place at the wrong time - sort of like the recipients of these awards. 

Here are the categories for this year: Worst anime character in male, female and neutered (neither gender) roles. Worst anime short (less than 20 minutes long). Worst anime movie (anything longer than 20 min), dumbest plot idea, dumbest one liner in an anime and worst overall anime show.

Send your nominations to me at or

These nominations will be put into a poll next month where the winner shall be announced (if JA finds a forum host by then, otherwise I'll call upon the ever industrious world of tabulating the votes myself [Darkangemon flinches at the idea of doing actual work]).

With infernal anticipation


Nothing much as far as I know. D:
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