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Crest of Hope: Patamon's World - Mimi's Movie Theatre - Digimon: The Movie Summary
Patamon's World > Mimi's Movie Theatre > Digimon: The Movie > Summary

Digimon: The Movie


Digimon: The Movie consists of three separate parts, and it is actually the first three Japanese movies, dubbed and put together. (I've watched it so many times, it feels like I've memorised the whole thing. Hence the 1000+ word summary. For some reason, I have it on VHS *and* DVD.)

Part 1 - Eight Years Ago

A DigiEgg comes out of the Kamiyas' computer. Botamon hatches from the egg, and it subsequently digivolves to Koromon. Koromon is an affectionate, bouncy Digimon who likes to kiss Tai and Kari. (Something that Tai doesn't particularly appreciate.) Kari doesn't speak much; she just whistles, although she does talk to Koromon.

Koromon digivolves to a giant Agumon and smashes Mrs. Kamiya's car. He and Kari go around generally terrorizing Highton View Terrace for a bit, and then a huge DigiEgg appears in the sky and Parrotmon hatches. Agumon and Parrotmon face off and Agumon digivolves to Greymon. The future Season 1 Digidestined are now watching the battle. Greymon is felled by Parrotmon's attack, and Kari tries to wake him with her whistle. Tai grabs the whistle and blows really hard, until he runs out of air. Greymon's eye opens and he attacks Parrotmon, then both Digimon disappear. The screen fades out and then into the next morning, where most of the street has been reduced to rubble and Kari is yelling for Greymon.

Part 2 - Four Years Later

Tai and Sora have just had a fight, and Tai is writing an apology to Sora. He keeps changing the signoff between "Love, Tai" and "From, Tai". Kari walks into the room and he covers the screen, which has "Love" on it. Kari asks what he's doing, and he says it's an email joke. Kari wants to show Tai her new dress - she's going to a party and she got her friend a pink Power Ranger. Tai tries to take it from her while she goes up to the computer, points out that to send an email you have to click the send icon, and clicks it. Tai gets mad and says that he can't believe Sora's going to read his email. Then the mail is returned and he gets even madder and says he can't believe Sora's not going to read it.

Izzy arrives at Tai's house, frantic, because a DigiEgg has hatched and is growing abnormally fast. It caught a virus and it's eating data from the Internet. Gennai uploads Agumon and Tentomon to the Internet and they fight Keromon, but he digivolves too fast and he's too strong. He bypasses the Champion stage and digivolves straight to Infermon. Tai's trying to get hold of the other Digidestined but they're all either somewhere else or mad at him. Infermon gets into the phone system and takes over all the phone lines. The dialup Internet connection is lost, but Izzy goes home to grab a satellite uplink. Tai eventually gets through to Matt and TK, at their grandmother's house, through the emergency voicemail system. They get to the only computer in town, in a barbershop, and Patamon and Gabumon are uploaded to the Net as well.

Agumon and Gabumon warp-digivolve, and Patamon is trying to digivolve but Infermon digivolves to Diaboromon and grabs Patamon. WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon attack Diaboromon - that's when Izzy has to go to the bathroom because of Mrs. Kamiya's recipes. Tai bashes the computer and it crashes with a BSOD. Izzy returns and gets really mad, and he reboots. WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon have slowed down heaps.

A timer for 10 minutes appears on the screen. Diaboromon is in the Pentagon's computers and has launched two nuclear missiles, one at Colorado and one at the kids' neighbourhood in Japan. Diaboromon starts multiplying. They take out WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon and Tai and Matt get so upset they're drawn into the computer and become digital. Tai urges them to feel the strength of all the kids who are counting on them, and the two good Megas merge into Omnimon - super powerful! Omnimon starts slowing down again and Izzy realizes it's because of the emails. He forwards all the emails to Diaboromon and he gets stopped in his tracks. Then Omnimon gets him and everything stops.

Sora finally gets Tai's email. She reads it: "You always said you love thunderstorms, so what's a few raindrops between friends?" - and goes "Stupid Tai".

A very young Willis is happy that Diaboromon is gone, but then the virus catches up with him and sweeps Kokomon away...

Part 3 - Present Day

The scene opens with the old Digidestined, and then the new ones on the beach. TK and Kari are in New York, taking a picture. Gatomon and Patamon feel something strange, and TK and Kari track the source to a huge Digimon, a little cute one and a blond-haired boy. (Endigomon / Kokomon, Terriermon and Willis.) Endigomon tells Willis to go back, and then he disappears. Willis warns TK and Kari to stay away, and he runs away, but Patamon follows him to find out what he's doing. TK and Kari take the train to Colorado to make sure Willis is OK, and Kari emails Davis to meet them there.

Kokomon / Endigomon stops the train that TK and Kari are on, and warns them "Don't interfere". Meanwhile, the other three are making their way to Colorado, aided by a whole lot of Yolei's uncles. They hitch a truck ride and see Willis, who's had the same idea. DemiVeemon investigates Terriermon and realizes he's a Digimon. Terriermon and the other Digimon make friends straight away, then Endigomon appears again and Davis and Willis fight him. They get to Willis's holiday house in Colorado, and Davis challenges Willis about Kokomon. Willis walks off into the woods, and Davis follows him. Eventually, Willis decides to trust Davis, and explains to him about the virus. Davis tells Willis that the team will help him.

Endigomon shows up and the Digidestined fight him, but they're not strong enough and he keeps digivolving. Every time he gets hurt the virus inside of him heals him. Finally, TK and Kari turn up with Angemon and Angewomon, who digivolve to Mega and release the Golden DigiEggs. Veemon and Terriermon Golden Armour-Digivolve and go inside Kerpymon to destroy the virus from the inside. When they do, all Kerpymon's wounds open again and he gets reconfigured. Willis gets upset because he thinks he's lost Terriermon too, but then Veemon and Terriermon float into view.

Davis explains that Kokomon isn't dead, just reconfigured, and then the Digidestined say goodbye to Willis, who's making his way home to New York. He kisses Kari and Yolei, who both go pink (well, Willis is cute) and Davis gets mad at him, before he runs away, laughing.

Willis sees a DigiEgg floating in the river, and then we see Endigomon moving to "All-Star", and singing very badly. The DigiEgg disappears and Willis realizes Davis was right about Digimon only being reconfigured, they never die.

Nothing much as far as I know. D:
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