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Digimon Pataworlders - Episode 4

Digimon Pataworlders

A Script-Fic by Jedi_Amara

WRITER'S NOTE: "Gary" (tee hee), I needed a Gennai-type person so I borrowed Eric from "Darkening of Dusk" and kinda changed him a bit... Hey, it might bring Sparky back to PW so who's complaining?


Darkangemon as Gary and Dactylomon
WK Graham as Phil and Aviemon
Gogglegirl181306 as Kate and Gogglemon
Optic as Jackie and Spectimon
DARKside338 as Nicky and GoodCharlottemon
Vampirelucemon as Ally and VamdeLucemon
Eliana as Ellie and Spammon
Me as Kari and SteveWaughsKidmon
Jedi_Amara as JA (because you just have to have a two-letter abbreviation!) and Elmon
Ryuko_Hikaru as Ryu and Thingymon
Arbromon as Daniel and Spamon
Tumble_weed as DarkTumbleWeedmon
HiKaizer as the Narrator
Helmsmon as Benji and Blacemon
Lord Patamon as Joel and PataGatomon
CyberAngemon as Erica
FlameAngewomon as Anna and Tibermon

Episode 4: "No Use For NUFAN"

HIKAIZER THE NARRATOR: Joel finally stopped singing when he spotted Ally, but he started up again to serenade her! DarkTumbleWeedmon ran away when he heard Joel, but he turned up again armed with a No Use For A Name CD. Can he be stopped this time?

[Opening credits play.]

[DARKTUMBLEWEEDMON is holding up a No Use For A Name CD as if about to attack with it.]

DARKTUMBLEWEEDMON: Yah! NUFAN Arsenal! [He begins to throw the CD at Joel.]

ERICA: Hey, hold it!

DARKTUMBLEWEEDMON: Heyas, old woman. Where did you come from? [He continues to throw the CD.]

ERICA: I _said_ hold it!

DARKTUMBLEWEEDMON: You're supposed to answer my question first. [He completes the throw of the CD.]

ERICA: I warned you. [ERICA's arm telescopically extends and she catches the disc before throwing it back at DARKTUMBLEWEEDMON.]


GOODCHARLOTTEMON: I took the liberty of transforming your CD to "The Young and the Hopeless", by Good Charlotte, while it was in the air. That is my special attack.

DARKTUMBLEWEEDMON: Asterisk DarkTumbleWeedmon faints asterisk.

NICKY: If you're going to be sarcastic towards my partner, you're gonna have me to deal with, Mr. Oh-So-Scary SillyTumblingWeedymon.

DARKTUMBLEWEEDMON: Waah! That's unfair! I'm gonna go tell my boss on you!

JACKIE: OK, shoo, shoo.

DARKTUMBLEWEEDMON: Fine then! Waah! I want my NUFAN CD back! [He flies away in tears.]

PHIL: That's odd.

GARY: I've never seen him cry before.

JA: Not since I refused to lend him my PHP book anyway.

KARI: And that was all of seven hours ago.

KATE: Can we go back to planning our classifications?

BENJI: Yeah, DarkTumbleWeedmon kind of interrupted us before.

JACKIE: [looks at Kari and Kate] I doubt either of you is going to end up as a sweet crush interest.

NICKY: I don't think we have a sweet crush interest around here. Only an evil crush interest.

[NICKY, JACKIE, BENJI, GARY, PHIL, JA, KATE and KARI look over at ALLY, still being fawned over by JOEL.]

JA: Um... yeah.

BENJI: I should be the battle-scarred person... I've had to put up with Joel's voice for four years.

JA: Well, I would be the irritating know-it-all, but I'm the goggle girl.

JACKIE: Well, I'm the only non-classified person with a Digimon website...

KARI: Hold on, what about Anna?

KATE: Yeah, where is Anna anyway?

ANNA: [magically appears] I'm right here.




ANNA: But you can be the irritating know-it-all, Jackie. [ANNA sniggers at JACKIE's dress.]

JACKIE: Hey! [JACKIE grabs JA's frying pans and whacks ANNA on the head.] Just because JA can snigger at me, doesn't mean you can.

[JA sniggers.]

GARY: We still need a quiet kid. Phil?

[PHIL nods.]

KARI: How about a compassion learner?

KATE: I think you can be that.

KARI: No, I reckon you can.

JA: How about Anna?

[ANNA grabs JA's frying pans and hits KATE, KARI and JA.]

GARY: I think Anna is a good choice.

[KATE and KARI grab one of JA's frying pans each and hit GARY over the head.]

JA: I think they are too.

BENJI: [looks at GARY] That makes me, you or Joel the nervous dweeb.

GARY: Well, Joel definitely fits the "dweeb" part.

BENJI: Maybe I can be the "nervous" bit.

JA: Then, since Benji and Joel from Good Charlotte are identical twins...

NICKY: can be the nervous dweeb together.

GARY: Which leaves me as leftovers.

JA: Which is what you attach to Snorlax.

GARY: Hey! I don't wanna be attached to Snorlax!

PHIL: He'll get squashed.

ERICA: Are you sure? I think he's big enough to hold his own. [She sniggers.]

GARY: Either talk all the time or don't talk. Stop insulting me. [He uses his own frying pans to hit ERICA.]

ERICA: Ouch.

GARY: You were _supposed_ to imitate James from Pokémon.

ERICA: Oh well. Why am I a girl in this thing?

JACKIE: You must have imagined it in your subconscious mind. [He sniggers.]

ERICA: WHAT????!!?? [She grabs the nearest weapon to hand, which happens to be GARY. The other Digidestined back away.]

[CUT. DARKTUMBLEWEEDMON is standing on a clifftop. There is a thing that looks like a ball with a long tail floating in front of him. It is disguised in shadow.]

DARKTUMBLEWEEDMON: Aargh! Boss, they took my NUFAN CD!

"BOSS": Oh, who cares. I'm glad, NUFAN is crap anyway.

[FREEZE FRAME. "To be continued" appears on screen.]

HIKAIZER THE NARRATOR: Um. Good. No more NUFAN. Let's see what happens on the next Digimon: Digital Monster Pataworlders!

[Closing credits play.]

Nothing much as far as I know. D:
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