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Digimon Pataworlders - Episode 1

Digimon Pataworlders

A Script-Fic by Jedi_Amara


Darkangemon as Gary
WK Graham as Phil
Gogglegirl181306 as Kate
Optic as Jackie
DARKside338 as Nicky
Vampirelucemon as Ally
Eliana as Ellie
Me as Kari
Jedi_Amara as JA (because you just have to have a two-letter abbreviation!)
Ryuko_Hikaru as Ryu
Arbromon as Daniel
Tumble_weed as DarkTumbleWeedmon
HiKaizer as the Narrator

Episode 1: "Goggle Girl Mania"

JA: OK, guys, I'm gonna upload everyone now.

ALLY: What?

GARY: Hey, wait! I don't want to go anywhere!

JA: Too late...

[Opening credits play.]

[NICKY looks around.]

NICKY: Where are we?

GARY: Duh! We're in the Digital World.

KATE: Remember? JA uploaded us.

NICKY: Oh yeah.

JACKIE: Hey! Why am I wearing this dress? [JACKIE is wearing a pink frilly dress with ribbons and bows all over it.]

ALLY: *laughs* It suits you.

JACKIE: But I'm a boy!

PHIL: You must have imagined the dress in your subconscious mind. After all, Jackie is a girl's name.

[JACKIE is ready to jump on PHIL and beat him up. Kind of. ELLIE is jumping around singing a strange song about spam.]

KARI: Hey, look what I found in my pocket! [She holds up a pair of bright pink swimming goggles.] I can be the goggle girl!

KATE: No way! I'm the goggle girl! Remember my nickname?

KARI: They're *my* goggles. And besides, I'm the only one here with the same name as a real Digidestined.

PHIL: Ahem.

KARI: You don't count. You were only in there for a few minutes.

PHIL: Hrrumph. [He folds his arms and turns away.]

KARI: So, as I was saying...

ELLIE: I wanna be the goggle girl!


RYU: You spam all the time.

ELLIE: Well, so do you.

DANIEL: You'll overload the DigiWorld!

ELLIE: You will too.

[Meanwhile, JA has grabbed the goggles.]

JA: I'll be the goggle girl. I'm the one running this show, anyway.

[KARI and KATE are the only ones who notice. There is a three-way tussle for the goggles, which break.]

KATE: Great, you broke the goggles.

KARI: Whaddaya mean I did? You did!

JA: At least now we can all be goggle girls.

KATE and KARI: Huh?

JA: Well, you guys can each have one eyepiece... and I'll have the elastic, because I'm special and unique. [She sticks out her tongue.]

KATE: Hey! No way! [Another tussle for the elastic ensues.]

ELLIE: Ally, tell them I have to be the goggle girl!

ALLY: Just because you're my sister doesn't mean I'm gonna get you out of this mess! I'll be the goggle girl.

DANIEL: I'll be the goggle girl, then!

ELLIE: NO! You're a spammer too!

RYU: Besides, you're not a girl.

DANIEL: So? Jackie isn't either.

PHIL: Yes, he is... I think. Like Trix was? Or wasn't? *sweatdrop*

JACKIE: I never said I wanted to be the goggle girl anyway. But I guess those goggles would go pretty well with my new dress. [He twirls around and falls over.]

[GARY is watching the three girls fight over the goggles.]

GARY: Why do you have to have a goggle girl anyway? What's wrong with a good old goggle boy?

KARI: No way.

KATE: That's *old*.

JA: Time for a new tradition.

GARY: Well, can't you just agree on something then?

KATE: That's what we're trying to do! [The fight for the elastic re-starts. GARY sighs and walks over to the other group.]

GARY: You do realize that they're fighting for the goggles over there? [He points to the girls.]

ELLIE: WHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAATTTTT? [She joins the fight. ALLY follows her. The boys all sweatdrop.]

PHIL: Well, I guess we have to pick a loner from us, then.


JACKIE: I don't mind being the loner.

GARY: A loner in a pink frilly dress?

RYU: No way!

JACKIE: OK, I'm not bothered.

DANIEL: Nicky hasn't been saying a lot. Wanna be the loner, Nicky?

NICKY: Huh? Oh, yeah, OK... what am I agreeing to?

JACKIE: You're the loner. OK?

NICKY: What? Loner? Me? Humph. [He folds his arms, walks away and leans against a tree with a scowl on his face.]

GARY: I guess he agrees, then.

[A shadow is seen. DarkTumbleWeedmon swoops down and lands.]

DARKTUMBLEWEEDMON: Muahahahaha! Propagandhi rules this world!

RYU: What is he talking about?

NICKY: Some crap punk band, I think.

DANIEL: You're not supposed to come into the story yet! We haven't even got our Digimon partners!

DARKTUMBLEWEEDMON: Huh? I'm too early? [He checks his watch.] Oh, damn these analogue watches. They stop at the most inopportune times. I will go, then. Until later... EskiRAMA is Good!

JACKIE: More like complete and utter crap.

[DARKTUMBLEWEEDMON glowers at Jackie and flies away.]

GARY: I think we need a whole new class for Ellie, Ryu and Daniel.

PHIL: What, spammers?

JACKIE: Yeah, something along those lines.

DANIEL: What? I'm not a spammer! W00t! This! Is! A! Post!

[GARY, PHIL and JACKIE sweatdrop.]

[FREEZE FRAME. "To be continued" appears on screen.]

HIKAIZER THE NARRATOR: Will the PW team ever sort out who's going to be the goggle girl? Can the boys stop Daniel, Ellie and Ryu spamming? To find out, keep watching Digimon: Digital Monster Pataworlders!

[Closing credits play.]

Nothing much as far as I know. D:
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